July 29, 2009

always, sometimes, never.
wednesday, july 29, 2009 : arielle.

I always:

+ want to travel.
+ will love to pray.
+ use a mac.
+ love spending time with jay.
+ drink too much coffee.
+ love being outdoors.
+ will worship and play music.
+ am intrigued by other cultures.
+ have room for improvement.


+ spend too much money at target.
+ wish i could work at an orphanage overseas.
+ wonder what would happen if i got a college degree.
+ pray too little...
+ just need some alone time.
+ have clothes scattered everywhere.
+ secretly wish i was a singer/songwriter.
+ worry just a little too much.
+ get lost on roadtrips :)


+ like disappointing or upsetting others.
+ will get a divorce.
+ dye my hair any other color than blonde.
+ choose pink. 
+ want to lose sight of Him.
+ wish i grew up differently.
+ want to forget what it feels like to fall in love.
+ eat at white castle.

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