July 17, 2010

busy season..

woah, i cannot believe i haven't posted anything in over a month! things here have been pretty crazy.....working a lot, preparing for the little one, living out of a suitcase. this weekend we are out of town which is so nice! an opportunity to step away from the hectic busy schedule of life :)

i am so grateful that everything is going so well...all of my tests from the doctor, etc. have come back great and the little guy seems to be doing well! i can't believe how time is going by so fast....less than 3 months or so to go! i'm going to post some more very soon but while i have this down time i'm going to pick up my bible and read some....  much love.....

June 19, 2010

woodland nursery.

aren't these just too adorable? i am loving all of these little things...

June 18, 2010


"to everything there is a season, and a time to every
purpose under heaven. .....He has made 
everything beautiful in its time." 
ecc. 3

the past few weeks, i've been wrestling with this great...i mean great desire to find another job. obviously, i can't right now because i am pregnant and now is not the time to be finding another job. i'm working where i am now because i was in school to do cosmotology, but the Lord had other plans and we needed to start saving :) of course, i would really love to pursue photography. i feel so stuck because i work all day everyday sometimes 6 days a week, go to sleep, wake up, and do the same thing all over again. i guess i've just been...discouraged. i know what i am to do, but i feel so distracted and busy with life and 9-5 work. i have worked at this job for as long as i can remember, i am thankful for a job, yet there are days though where i know that there is more. because of the stress at work, i've seen how i've been and dang, how awfully selfish i really am! i've seen recently how i'm so selfish with the time when i'm not working. it's not really "my" time anyway.

i guess for now i will patiently wait. things are about to change. really change! and this is only for a short, temporary season. i miss my sweet long times with Jesus and just sitting in His presence and reading the word for hours. i miss all of that so much. it's amazing how seasons change and time goes by so quickly. though life is so busy right now, i know the Lord sees this. i know that He sees my heart and desires. i can only pray that He will continue to soften my heart and prepare me.

June 09, 2010


my oh my has it been busy lately. i've definitely worked more this summer than any summers past. i guess that is a good thing, being that a lot of people are out of work now days. i'm just glad that summer is here! i am a little sad that i haven't been able to work on photography stuff as much, however. hopefully work will slow down just a little.

"do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;
remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

lately i've been having that little thing called wanderlust. you know it? i keep re-living the times when i was in germany, walking the old farm road and hiding in windmills. or the time when i was in malaysia, visiting the busy streets of kuala lumpur. or the times when i was in costa rica and argentina, having so much fun with all the little kids and hearing them laugh at me because of my poor spanish. (sigh) the memories. it's so hard to not imagine not going anywhere far for a while...every year since i was fifteen i've traveled somewhere distant. but now in this season of my life, there is this kind of bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to my wanderlust. i know that the Lord has placed in me a heart for the nations for some reason or another. maybe sometime in the future, we will do missionwork elsewhere. but for now, in this moment, i am learning to stay put and be content. i can't really keep re-living those old memories because new precious memories are about to be made. i'm thankful for His grace that reminds me that i am to live in the moment right now. to trust. no matter what city i'm in. no matter if i'm busy, or not. no matter how much i want to be somewhere else. this is where i am now, and i am thankful........ "godliness with contentment is great gain."