October 25, 2009

..so now.

hello world!

so i have decided to re-open my little home here. things have been so busy lately.

let me give you a little re-cap:

* wedding planned all summer long (& loved it!)
* got married 9.20.09 (& really loved it!)
* moved to tennessee for a month with jay
* packed everything up and...
* moved back to cincinnati
* started school a week ago

anyway, i feel like there is always so much going through my head so why not write some it down? i have always written in little journals but lately i haven't written as much as i would like. so here i go...

i know that life is changing...i can see it, i can feel it. and i love it! i'm finding out what beauty there is in everyday life and in the little things. i'm finding out what it truly means to live a life for His glory, not my own. i'm finding out what it means to love and just how much i have to learn. at times, it can be a little overwhelming but i must remember to simply take one step at a time. that's all...one step at a time :) life truly is a beautiful journey.

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