July 08, 2009

wednesday, july 8, 2009 : arielle.

i hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend! the time we spent up at the lake was good! got to spend some good time with family which is always nice. (being off work was extra nice too!)

life is so exciting right now. i feel so blessed in so many different ways. there are things in life that are crazy, too. life always has its good times but it definitely has its valleys also. but i know that the Lord is sovereign and His will is good. as long as i keep my eyes fixed on Him, and trust Him...I know that I will find peace.

the invitations came in last week! seeing them made me all the more excited to send them out. seeing everything slowly coming together is a wonderful feeling. yet...i feel as if there are still a million little details to finish! here is a tiny glimpse of what the invitations look like:

we also ordered new bridesmaid dresses which look very similar to this:

other details...
i've also been thinking some about the move to california. this week i will have saved part of my goal for our trip out west...which is good news! i've also been thinking (and worrying a little) about finding a job once we move out there. some people have told me that california is one of the worst states to find a job right now. "do hard things" is sometimes about taking risks. if i trust the Lord, will He not provide? will He not lead us and guide us? i am going to have faith and i am very excited about the journey that we are about to take in just a few short months!

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