April 20, 2009

under the stars

things are changing, if you know what i mean...

last friday i became engaged to the most wonderful guy i know. i feel incredibly blessed! after work on friday, we drove down to an old plantation on the river in milton, ky. we were talking out by a fence as the sun was setting when he asked me to marry him. (sounds like something out of a movie, right?) we waited until it got dark for the stars to come out, and then he took me in a field and played music and danced with me..under the stars. it was beautiful! i'm so, so thankful..

...the Lord is faithful to those who are faithful. waiting to date, was so worth it. waiting for it all...was so very worth it and i wouldn't trade it for a thing. i look back during the times when my impatience was getting the best of me. when i saw everyone my age dating, i stood back and just watched. i wanted to stay pure...i needed to stay pure, for Him. Jesus was then and still is my first Love. He is always more than enough. i remember writing this when i was 16 or so and i see now how the Lord kept me close to Himself. i so want to be able to encourage other young girls that waiting for a love story that is of God is very worth it! it may not be easy at the time, but the fruit of waiting is so good.

and so...i'm engaged. to jay royer. and i'm blessed. so thankful that God has placed him in my life. He has taught me so much through jay. the things that i lack (and i lack a whole lot..) jay seems to be much stronger in. i'm learning and growing as things change. i'm so excited to serve with him, and love him as Jesus would. ahhhh.. so excited :)

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