February 27, 2010

saturday evenin'

just sitting on the couch listening to jay play the guitar on this lovely saturday evenin'. it is sooo relaxing to hear him play, i love it (and miss playing too.) i just wanted to say very quickly that we went to a marriage conference today and one of the guest speakers (along with gary thomas, kirk cameron, gary chapman, etc.) was mr. francis chan. woah. i promise you ever time i hear him speak i learn or am reminded of the eternal...of eternity and of Christ alone.

i was just reminded again of how temporary everything is here....our relationships, our homes, my marriage...it's all temporary. and so many are so gazed on one another instead of Christ, Himself. i read a quote last night from rick warren "the primary purpose of marriage is to make you holy, not merely happy. nothing challenges our self-centerdness more." ...ah, is that not the truth?! our marriage is not to make us more happy necessarily but also to test us, refine us, and bring us closer to our Maker so that HE might be glorified. this little relationship called marriage that we have down here on earth (as wonderful as it can be!) is simply to display His glory so that others might know Him....for eternity. what an awesome reminder this is.

just a little thought !

now, i'm going to listen to jay play music a little more and maybe pick up a guitar and play along :)


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  1. I am really glad you wrote this. Your love for God is inspiring. It's a good reminder that Christ should come first..in everything. I still struggle with the fact that things in this life are temporary-especially relationships with the ones I love. If that is what heaven means, then the thought of heaven makes me sad. Have you ever felt that way?