January 05, 2010

on beauty.

hello folks :)

i hope you had a wonderful christmas and new years! i sure did...and as usual, i'm a little sad to see it go (i mean, now it's just...winter. not the holiday season anymore just plain, old..winter. hehe.)

this afternoon i took a peak at itunes looking for some new music and such. as i browsed some of the new artists i was shocked what the majority of the new mainstream artists had to sing about. sure, we're all familiar with songs about sex, money, and fame. but now, it seems as if that is all a lot of artists sing about. are we just so desensitized to all this to see it?

just for a minute (or two) i would like to mention the new young women artists who have come out to into the spotlight recently. the music and image that they portray to our generation is that of a slutty way of making themselves known. i don't know if that's even the right way to describe it...i can't really explain it. it's like these girls want the attention and will go as far as they can to being as far from respectable as possible. not only does this break my heart, but it saddens me because i know girls young and old are listening to this stuff...they're looking up to these young women. yet, all i hear them sing and talk about is partying, sex, drinking, foul language....  where are morals anymore? girls think these artists are beautiful and would do anything to be like them...to look like them. why not? aren't they getting all the attention? all the media? all the hype and adoration from millions? if only our generation would know that beauty is so much more than pretty pictures, sex, and trying to get guys by their sides.

now, for another minute let's turn the tables on the guys. girls are giving themselves away...almost offering themselves up....to guys. why? because guys like that the girls are now doing more of the pursuing and are much too less of men to say so otherwise. they like how girls are just falling into their laps. guys know want they want and girls have found out what that is. who cares if they cheat, who cares if they use you only for a night, who cares if they don't know your name...girls know what guys are looking for. and girls are willing to be what they will for guys because of attention and love...even though love is not what men are giving. if men would stand up and be real men, i believe things in our generation would be a whole lot different. if men would actually respect women instead of seeing them for something that they're not, things would not be as they are.

as long as shakira is singing things like "so put me in a cage and lock me away and i'll play the games you want me to play" or lady gaga is singing about bad romance or ke$ha singing about partying 24/7....i don't see things changing. .....yet. but i do pray that our generation would open their eyes and see that there is more than this. that Christ is the only answer. that beauty is not the media, it's not in music, and it's definitely not in fame or attention.

okay....i'm done with my little spiel. (for now)  :)

much love,

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  1. Keep speaking out! More girls need to hear this and more girls need to be talking about this. So proud of you! You are beautiful inside and out :)