December 15, 2009

thrift store shopping.

wow, so i haven't been in a thrift store in ages and today...i went. when i was younger i used to think antique stores were the weirdest places would never find me in one....ever. however, today
i mustered up enough confidence and went to a couple. and to my surprise, i actually found some things. an old suitcase and an old basket for some photo shoot work....pretty excited about it! now, i'm just ready for spring and summer to be here. :) it is definitely super hard to take a lot of pictures outdoors when you are someone who really hates being cold...

on other things....i can't believe Christmas is coming so soon! i'm really excited about it. i'm sitting in front of our small Christmas tree (it's adorable) and am excited for our first Christmas together. maybe that sounds a little cheesy but, it's true. i'm excited to create memories, relive old chocolate, all warm by the fire, laughter in the house, kids running around like crazy with nerf guns, snowing falling out side...i love Christmas. i guess there is something to love about cold weather!

anywho, i decided i want to start reading a good book. i have one from lamplighter that i think i might read. i also really want to start digging more into the Word. i'm going to do a word study also which i love! you always seem to learn so much from just going into the bible studying one subject that you really either need to work on in your life, or a subject that you want to learn about.

anywho...guess that's all for now :)

hope you have a blessed day <3

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